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Dahlia and The Villains

If you want a fun, memorable night out dancing the night away, check out Dahlia and The Villains! They are a little bit country and a whole lot of rock and roll! With their versatile and totally infectious, high energy, danceable mix of catchy music spanning many decades and genres including country rock, pop/rock, 70s & 80s classic rock, blues and Top 40 hits, there is something for everyone, and the dance floor proves it!

Dahlia and The Villains features Alan Tymofichuk on guitar and vocals, Steve McGonigle on bass (and sometimes sound), Ben Samuels on drums, and Dahlia Wakefield on lead vocals and acoustic guitar. Since August 2014, this configuration has been playing their versatile mix of music to audiences in and around Edmonton and throughout Alberta and having a blast while doing so!

(780) 719-9614

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